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Finpecia is indicated for the treatment of male pattern hair loss on the vertex and the anterior mid-scalp area.

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About Finasteride

In 5 mg pills, Finasteride was originally marketed under the name Proscar to help prostate conditions. Finasteride helps to inhibit the formation of DHT which contributes to male pattern hair loss in addition to prostate cancer.

Research proved that Propecia can control hair loss for 83 percent of men after just two years of treatment with a daily dose of 1 mg. Since Propecia arrived on the market in 1998 it has been the only prescription drug that the FDA has approved specifically for hair loss treatments.

The Main Purpose. Propecia has one main purpose and that is to stop hair loss and help men maintain what hair coverage they have left. This is the drug has become popular with men younger in age since they want to have something to help control their hair loss in the early stages. Although men of all ages often take this drug along with Minoxidil which offers the best hair loss strategy since it not only stops hair loss, but also helps to encourage the growth of new hair.

Propecia works by interfering with the androgenetic process of hair loss. The formation of DHT is prohibited with Propecia and after several months it helps to reduce the DHT levels to a sufficient level that helps to minimize the effects DHT has on the hair follicles. While you can find Propecia or other generic versions on the internet it is best to only use this product through the advice of a doctor.

Success Stories. Finpecia

I am writing this success story in order to tell more people that how beneficial Finpecia has been for me.

I used to feel ashamed and embarrassed with myself. I lost all my confidence and morale.

I am a lecturer in university and my hair fall started few years back. I thought when I used to see my hair falling initially that it must be effect of the shampoo or the conditioner i was using.

I switched my shampoo and my conditioner but nothing helped. Then I tried almost all of the brands of shampoos and conditioners.

The change of brands also didn’t help to prevent my hair fall. Then I realized hair fall is hereditary and not because of external reasons such as chemicals and shampoos. I was heart broken and my confidence came down to zero. My students and friends also started noticing the change and the reduced hair on my head.

Then one of my friends recommended me to use Finpecia pills regularly.

I did not believe to what my friend told me. I never thought that pills can also help me to prevent hair loss.

Then i thought I should at least give it a try and I did. I ordered my pills online and started using them regularly and as instructed. There was hardly any change observed in the 2 weeks of consumption of the pills. I lost that little hope too which was created by my friend but I didn’t stop taking the pills. One day, after approximately 2 months I noticed that the hair loss was slowly decreasing.

The amount of hair loss daily had come down. After the usage of the pills for 6 months I was so happy.

I was sure that the pills were doing magic for me and the change was so magnificent that my friends started noticing the change.

I felt good again about myself and felt young again. I have now been taking these pills for the past 3 years and the hair fall has almost stopped.

I can hardly see any visible hair fall. Even I can notice few of the baby hair growing in the areas where the hair density was low.

I started feeling great and even started looking great. I didn’t really feel that it had any side effect on me. A minor change I noticed was there was a little decrease in libido. These pills worked wonders for me and were totally safe.

I feel so good that I took my friend’s advice.

So I can only now suggest other people who are facing the problem of hair fall like I faced few years back.

These pills are 100 % safe and it worked out great for me.

The results were surprisingly fast and my morale was boosted again. I would advice people who are going through the phase of hair loss to go and order your Finpecia pills fast, before you lose all of your hair.

Matt Peterson

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